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Tool for Chatroom Learning and Collaboration

Manage Subscription, Lesson And Commission Of Your Chatrooms At Ease

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Manage Subscription

BahasApp provide subscription management for users in Telegram chatroom

Commission System For Your Instructors

Manage the payment for your instructors on commission basis.

Payment Management

Keep payment receipt on the cloud and track user wallet from the usage

Course Management System

Manage your course and lessons on the go.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

Cloud-based application that allows you to monitor your group anywhere anytime.

Start Monitize Your Content And Chatroom Now!

If you can track you can monetize. Track them all now with BahasApp

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How others use BahasApp to improve their skills

BahasApp membantu saya pantau pembayaran yuran dalam grup telegram. Saya sarankan penggunaan BahasApp bagi siapa-siapa sahaja yang menjalankan traning atau special group di Telegram

Mardiana T. @ Arabicara.

Mengajar bahasa Arab melalui bahasApp sangat memudahkan. Pemantauan yuran dan modul sangat membantu saya dan team

Aisyah J.


Masran A. @ Arabicara.